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Monday, March 19, 2012

Off to Ezhimala

It had been a hectic couple of days. As is the wont the Navy made available money for the voyage in such a manner that I had only two days to prepare. I did as best as I could which meant that I had to do the running around myself  because of a crew that had no experience in such matters. Things did fall in place by the end of the second day although there were minor glitches. The inmarsat terminal refused to work and along with it the   primary lapotop of the boat too knocked off. I think I will have then bith checked at cochin where I will be halting for a lli Ger duration.

We cast off by about half past four in the evening after a brief farewell over tea and snacks. We were seen off by Adm Hari Kumar, Commandant of the Naval College of Warfare and a host of families from Mandovi.

As we left harbour, we sailed into a dying sea breeze that had shifted north westwards and by the time I had the main sail up we were as close to Aguada as we could ever get. The dying breaze shifted to the right and we shaped a course seaward, so much so that  by midnight we were forty miles out and robbed of any wind.

We have either been motoring or motor sailing ever since and should make it to INA by evening today.

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