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Monday, March 19, 2012

Mt Dilli

We came to anchor in about six metres of water right under the nose of Mt Dilli.

A Gemini from the boat pool carried my crew away and I was left all alone to myself. The anchorage promised to be pleasant as it did turn out and the stay has been comfortable. It was cool in the evening's dying sea breeze and by day I hope the Bimini to give me comfort.

I invited officers of a Coast Guard ship that had anchored nearby and they came over attracted as much by curiosity as by an uninspired evening. They seemed to have liked the few minutes they spent onboard for they merrily shot pictures and left packets of biscuits in return for my hospitality.

What does the day have in store? I don't care. Neither do I want to know. For all I care I don't mind spending the rest of my life here in the boat, at anchorage, under Mt Dilli.

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