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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Island and Dreams

I was speaking of Cargodos with a friend and conversation veered to an island of our imagination’s construction which had three rocks, four palm trees, one sandy beach and a shipwreck. We were discussing the possibility of being marooned and three essential items that might be needed for survival. We both agreed to a knife and a lighter but she wasn’t sure of a blow up doll.  I then invented a flag made of palm leaves and asked her to represent the island in the UN. The conversation went downhill from there. A couple of evenings later, I had a dream which was as lucid as it can get when one is at sea. I was teaching fishermen to walk on water and gave them a demonstration. A while later I was teaching them to fly but did not succeed quite as well.

The Equator crossing happened in the early morning of the 28th. It was a frustrating affair. I had wanted to cross the equator well west but concerns of piracy forced me to sail much further east and I lost a day in the bargain.  I am much closer to Madivies than I had originally planned but I am keeping west of it against the advice to go further east. There is a system building in the Arabian Sea with winds topping at 50 knots and swell at 7 m. It is moving east and I want to be home before it hits me anywhere.


We are about 750 miles from Goa and I am planning to make an entry by the 2nd or 3rd of June. Soon after, the monsoons will hit India, as it is customary for rains to follow me.

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