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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Work, work and lots of it

Work, work and lots of it. Changing the blackjack seal of the shaft, which was supposed to be a two day operations, is taking a bit longer than expected. Due to some very stubborn bolts, the coupling and the shaft had to be cut along with a bulkhead.

Enjoy the pictures, because it is useless to write about the frustration of being on land.

Back in our morring at RCYC. The calm is deceptive.

Back to the mooring at RCYC after a long sail. The calm is deceptive.


Removing the mast at Eliott Basin

Chris- very happy to have him work on our mast

I am very happy to have Chris look after the mast.

On the slipway - she needs a good paint job

Dry docked at RCYC slipway. The club has been of immense help to us. Besides hosting us for free, they have given us a free slipping too!

Mhadei holds a silent conversation with the Table Mountain. She has a commanding view.

Mhadei has a commanding view of the Table Mountain from where she holds a silent conversation with it every now and then. The South Easterlies speak a harsh language, but the boat seams to understand every word of it.

A clean prop

A clean propeller and…

The new blue bottom

… a new blue bottom

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  1. love the mhadhei facelift especially the 'chupping'!
    she looks awesome! dry, but awesome.